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Once upon a time someone told me what is a "Wedding Dream".

Febuary 17th, 2012, by Rudi Merom

Once upon a time someone told me what is a

“To be at someones wedding is already an event, but to be in your own wedding is a dream...”

That was the sentence my best friend told me, he added and said to me: “Do not try to understand this sentence as only your experience will make you understand what I just told you”.

I never understood the full meaning of this sentence until I got engaged and I had set my wedding day for the summer, that day was 3 month ahead of me now.

Me and my fiancee were busy with all the wedding preparation and time was flying very fast, so fast that before I noticed it we were only a week away from our wedding day.

The last week was the most busy one as all ‘the last minute’ stuff came in, and before I could say “Jake” my wedding day was there.

The wedding day was wonderful and all went as we had in our vision, however the strangest feeling I can remember is the fact that I was shaking hands and hugging all the hundred people that attended the event and I was smiling all the time. In the middle of all this I had this strange feeling that this event was running in front of my eyes like a movie and at that moment I remembered my friend sentence and finally understood what was the meaning of “wedding dream”….

The next day I called my friend with excitement and told him” I got It”.

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