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How to Choose the Right Photographer

June 7th, 2012, by Kate

How to Choose the Right Photographer

Every bride wants their wedding captured in a way that expresses how they feel about their special day-- they desire warmth, love, and happiness depicted in each photo taken. A bride wants to be flawless in her photos, and she wants every special moment captured from the moment she gets ready, until she and her fiancee are seen off. So shouldn't the photographer capture all of this with ease? Finding the right photographer is so important in your wedding planning stages. Here are some tips to guide you as you find the right planner for you:

1. Style: Photography is a form of art--- every photographer has a different style that sets them apart from others. You must decide--is this the style you're looking for and envisioning? Is your style mod-romantic, classic, traditional, photojournalistic? Figure this out and discuss it openly with possibly photographers before settling on one.

2. Personality: One may argue that the personality of their photographer doesn't make a difference. I'm here to tell you, it will! The photography on your wedding day is one that captures very intimate and special moments so it is vital that you find a photographer willing to be kind and friendly and understanding of all your needs from the moment the contract is signed until the last dance on your wedding day.

3. Second in Command: Many times your photographer of choice is way too pricey, leaving you feeling discouraged and wanting to choose a photographer ranking lower on your list don't push your dream photographer out of the budget just yet. Many times photographers have 2nd or 3rd assistants to help capture the big day. These photographers are learning the trade and learning that specific photographer's style, so it is a great idea to ask their assistants if they're available to capture your wedding day. It will be cheaper yet will still be someone under the direct supervision and direction of the photographer you couldn't afford.

Photography is such an important part of your wedding day-- don't settle! Explore your options and make sure you're happy with the professional you've chosen.

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