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Whimsical Wedding Ideas

August 15th, 2012, by Kate

Whimsical Wedding Ideas

Creativity, inspiration, and imagination all come into play when planning a whimsical wedding. From the decorations, to wedding favors, to colors; this theme is fanatic for the creative visionary. It's perfect for the couple who loves to "play", live, laugh, and most of all-- love.


The design and creativity that inspires the whimsical wedding is one of imagination and fantasy, play that up in your decor. Paper lanterns in different colors, umbrellas hung upside down, and vintage flags strewn throughout your wedding location. Bring in the pastels in you florals-- peonies, hydrangeas, and baby roses are great flowers in an array of colors that will help tie in this theme.


A wedding like this is sure to be remembered, so send off your guests with something to remember this wedding by. Large lollipops, penny candy, big pinwheels, or a wrapped cupcake are some great favors to tie in this theme.

The Dress

Anything lace is a perfect choice for a wedding like this. Lace is romantic, dreamy, and elegant-- it reminds us of a dainty princess from our days as a little girl with a vivid imagination. Your groom can have his way in a grey or brown suit for a wedding theme like this as well as it is more casual and fun.

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