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How to have a good relationship with your future in-laws!

March 1st, 2012, by Rudi Merom

How to have a good relationship with your future in-laws!

When we are in love and all hunny bunny the world looks beautiful, than we are getting to “meet the parents”. This part is very important for your future relationship with your spouse. During the dating period you probably won’t put too much attention at your partner’s parents, but trust me, you better take them very seriously, as it can make or break a relationship, or even marriage.

When the parents do not like the person that there “kid” brought home they will make sure to express it over and over and in most cases the “kid” will cave under the pressure and break the relationship. The statistic that was taken with married couples shows that in most cases the attention is on the female parents as the female is more attached to her family than the male.

Also it is important for the male parents to “like” their future daughter in-law. but for the male it is much more important to get “the approval” from the future in-laws. On the bride side, this subject is so intense that many book were written on it, as well as many jokes! I can seat for hours and talk about it with strangers and I am always surprise again and again on how many stories I hear about this subject, it seems that everyone has a story about it.

To make a long story short I would say this: The most important factor for this subject is the understanding of the couple that they have to make their own layout of their future and recognize the fact that it is your life and you should make everything to keep it this way. Yes, influence is part of life, but the couple need to be smart enough of not letting the in-laws get between them. It is absolutely in the couples hands, the couple need to put there relationship always first. If you stick to this golden rule you have a chance for a good marriage, love your parents is one thing and letting them managing your marriage is another.

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