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How do I find out her ring size without her cluing in that Iím about to propose?

March 15th, 2012, by Christine Beswick

How do I find out her ring size without her cluing in that Iím about to propose?

When it comes to that special moment that she has been waiting for, one of the most exciting elements of that moment is the element of surprise. You are going to spend a lot of time and energy, not to mention investment, into this moment. One of the biggest rewards you will have during this moment is the look of awe and joy that washes across her face when you get down on your knee and pop the question that she has been waiting for you to ask. So you donít want anything to get in the way of this moment or spoil the surprise. Before you make your own engagement ring, you want to be sure you have every detail down pat. When a man has done all of his homework before he asks the question, she falls even deeper in love with him than she was before. One of the most common questions of the design your engagement ring process is the question of sizing. How do you get the right size without cluing her in? Today we are going to talk about just that.

This is a tricky one no doubt. You donít want to do anything to spoil this surprise so you definitely have to take extra precautions on this. If she is suspecting it in the slightest, you will have to be sure that you are one step ahead of her. Here are some of the most common ways to catch her ring size without her cluing in.

1. If she wears rings already, you are in luck. This one will only work if you are already living together. While she is away, slip into her jewelry box and size one of the rings that you know she wears regularly. Keep in mind what finger she wears it on. If it is not a ring finger ring, you will need to make note of that when you are getting the size. A few common ways to get the size if you already have a ring of hers to use is to make a mold of it in PlayDough or clay, and then measure the circumference of the circle. Another way you can do it is by using a standard ring sizer printed off of the computer, and measure it accordingly. Even if you two donít already live together, this one can work if you visit her place frequently. When she visits the ladyís room slip into the box as quickly as you can, and return the ring as soon as she can without her noticing.

2. Asking the sisters, girlfriends, mom is always a good place to start, if you have a good relationship with them already and can trust them not to squeal. Thatís a big if, because very likely they have heard every detail from her about how she is waiting, and waiting for this moment, so you need to trust your judgement on this one.

3. Another common ploy is to take her shopping, but tell her you are buying a ring for YOUR mom, sister, or cousin twice removed. If it is close to Motherís Day or Easter, or something like that you have some wiggle room. Have her try on rings FOR your mom, and you will be able to get her size from the rings she is trying on.

These are the most common ways to get her size before you begin the build engagement ring process. Once youíve got this down, you can imagine how impressed she will be when you give her that beautiful ring AND have the right size. Every woman loves that.

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