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Ideaís on How to Propose

March 29th, 2012, by Christine Beswick

Ideaís on How to Propose

When it comes to getting engaged, there are very few ways to get it wrong. That is unless youíve never gone out with the woman before, then you are going to run into an awkward moment or two, and that will happen no matter how you do it. But if she is like most women on this planet, she has entered into this long term relationship with you with the hope that this would happen to her someday. With you. So now that you are getting close to this moment, you want it to be a moment that will be one she will remember for a lifetime as one of the most important days of her life. There are a number of ways to do it, again, you wonít be able to go wrong. But if you show her that you put an incredible amount of thought into it, she will fall in love with you all over again. Here are some tips if you are looking for ways on how to propose to the special woman in your life.

1. You have to be prepared to go down on one knee. It wonít matter if you have the Swiss Alps as your background or not, this is something she will remember, and will swoon over. So put that in your repertoire to start off with.

2. Be different is the number one idea on how to propose. Doing it on the sky screen at the baseball game is a fun idea, but hard to execute and it is so done. Be different than any way any other way that you have ever heard of. Use wedding forums if you are stuck on ideas.

3. Now, that being said, think different to HER, not different to you. For example, donít have a huge group of cowboys spell it out for you by horseback at the rodeo if that is what YOU think would be really neat. Think of the things that she loves, and go from there. What really makes her excited? Think of the last chick flick that she made you watch with her. What was the moment that made her grasp her heart and reach for the Kleenex? Thereís an idea for you right there. Take her favorite scene from her favorite movie, and recreate it. See? You donít even need a script, itís already been done.

4. Make it personal to the both of you. Any guy can rent a limo and take his girlfriend out to an expensive restaurant on that special night. That by the way is not a terrible idea, but if you are looking for creative and over the top way to do it, take it one step further. What about the first restaurant you two ever went to? Tell her you are eating in on ďthe night in questionĒ and hire the chef from that restaurant to come in and recreate the meal that you had together. Hopefully you remember what you had, if you donít, ask her beforehand to tell you what her favorite parts of your first date were. Women love those questions, and she has this burned in her memory, trust me.

5. Of course you have to have the ring. Whether you are impressing her with a vintage engagement ring or a classic solitaire with huge rock to make her eyes sparkle and a clarity enhanced diamond will always do the work, if you have put the thought into the rest of the night, she will believe she is the luckiest girl in the world. These are just some starting tips to give you the idea. You want this to be personal, creative, and put a lot of thought into it, because to her, that is a reflection of how much you love her. Do you have any more tips? Drop them in the comments and share your proposal stories!

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