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Three R Principles- Recycle, Reuse, Recreate

October 8, 2012

Three R Principles- Recycle, Reuse, Recreate

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Can you choose the right makeup for you the first time without throwing away your money.

September 7, 2012, by CK Crenshaw

To be gorgeous like a bride in the magazine, a movie star or to get a professional business look every day. Women go to department stores all over the world buys makeup for that special occasion. Problem is no one has the experience in choosing the right lipstick or makeup that does blend into your face and neck.

Professional makeup Artist is here!

They can tell you what type of makeup you need and how to put it on correctly. Chantell Makeup Bar uses have minerals that nurture your skin while you wear it. Would you say you are a Dramatically Glamorous, Perfectly Polished, Naturally chic, or Irresistibly Romantic? Inquire at Chantell Makeup Bar.

Feeling good is the beginning of a good day. Miss Crenshaw said to be glamorous for your anniversary, prom night, and look like a star or a bride who want to be a queen on her special day. Miss Crenshaw invite everyone to be add to the list of satisfied customers and purchase the right makeup the first time.

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Whimsical Wedding Ideas

August 15th, 2012, by Kate

Whimsical Wedding Ideas

Creativity, inspiration, and imagination all come into play when planning a whimsical wedding. From the decorations, to wedding favors, to colors; this theme is fanatic for the creative visionary. It's perfect for the couple who loves to "play", live, laugh, and most of all-- love.


The design and creativity that inspires the whimsical wedding is one of imagination and fantasy, play that up in your decor. Paper lanterns in different colors, umbrellas hung upside down, and vintage flags strewn throughout your wedding location. Bring in the pastels in you florals-- peonies, hydrangeas, and baby roses are great flowers in an array of colors that will help tie in this theme.


A wedding like this is sure to be remembered, so send off your guests with something to remember this wedding by. Large lollipops, penny candy, big pinwheels, or a wrapped cupcake are some great favors to tie in this theme.

The Dress

Anything lace is a perfect choice for a wedding like this. Lace is romantic, dreamy, and elegant-- it reminds us of a dainty princess from our days as a little girl with a vivid imagination. Your groom can have his way in a grey or brown suit for a wedding theme like this as well as it is more casual and fun.

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How to Choose the Right Photographer

June 7th, 2012, by Kate

How to Choose the Right Photographer

Every bride wants their wedding captured in a way that expresses how they feel about their special day-- they desire warmth, love, and happiness depicted in each photo taken. A bride wants to be flawless in her photos, and she wants every special moment captured from the moment she gets ready, until she and her fiancee are seen off. So shouldn't the photographer capture all of this with ease? Finding the right photographer is so important in your wedding planning stages. Here are some tips to guide you as you find the right planner for you:

1. Style: Photography is a form of art--- every photographer has a different style that sets them apart from others. You must decide--is this the style you're looking for and envisioning? Is your style mod-romantic, classic, traditional, photojournalistic? Figure this out and discuss it openly with possibly photographers before settling on one.

2. Personality: One may argue that the personality of their photographer doesn't make a difference. I'm here to tell you, it will! The photography on your wedding day is one that captures very intimate and special moments so it is vital that you find a photographer willing to be kind and friendly and understanding of all your needs from the moment the contract is signed until the last dance on your wedding day.

3. Second in Command: Many times your photographer of choice is way too pricey, leaving you feeling discouraged and wanting to choose a photographer ranking lower on your list don't push your dream photographer out of the budget just yet. Many times photographers have 2nd or 3rd assistants to help capture the big day. These photographers are learning the trade and learning that specific photographer's style, so it is a great idea to ask their assistants if they're available to capture your wedding day. It will be cheaper yet will still be someone under the direct supervision and direction of the photographer you couldn't afford.

Photography is such an important part of your wedding day-- don't settle! Explore your options and make sure you're happy with the professional you've chosen.

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How to Buy Her the Ring of Her Dreams (Without Her Ever Catching On!)

May 25th, 2012, by Christine Beswick

How to Buy Her the Ring of Her Dreams (Without Her Ever Catching On!)

If you are in the process of contemplating a proposal, you likely have a lot on your mind. For starters, you want to have the perfect ring for her that will knock her socks off and make her eyes sparkle with love for you for years to come. Secondly, you want to be sure that she is as surprised and excited by this turn of events in her life as you are! The surprise element is one of the most important element of any marriage proposal. But you also want to be sure you get her the ring of her dreams without her ever catching on that you are on a mission! Here are some ways to do that!

Many women today are very savvy about dropping hints for their dream engagement ring. Some of them will flat out tell you what they want, even give you tear outs from bridal magazines with pictures of their dream ring. If this is the kind of woman you are dealing with, you are very lucky. You will be able to design your engagement ring for her with very little questions on your mind. If however you want to make your own engagement ring to make sure she gets exactly what she wants, and she is not so handy with the clues to you, you will need to do some detective work on your own.

One way to get the conversation rolling without letting her know what you are getting at is by talking about the celebrities. Today's celebrities give lots of food for thought and fodder for dinner conversation on any range of topics. Slipping it into conversation is going to be very easy, and you can do so by talking about a wide range of celebrity issues to buffer the talk so she doesn't get a clue. One way is to talk about the rings that the celebs are wearing. While you are talking about the Oscars for example, you can mention, did you know that Natalie Portman is married now? Did you see that ring she had on? If she oohs and ahs over Natalie's ring, then you know she would love micro pave rings. If she cringes her nose and says, that's way too flashy for me, I would need a bodyguard for that one you could promise to be her bodyguard and change the subject having some very valuable information in hand as to what kind of ring to get her.

Television comes in very handy this way, as jewelers are always looking for ways to show off their wares. Another way to find out is by gauging her reaction the next time you see a diamond commercial come on TV when you are watching TV together. Make a little comment about the fluffy romance of it all, and you will get a wealth of information to use when you design her ring for her.

Lastly, a very good way to get the ring of her dreams is to take a friend of hers with you when you go online for this experience. A girlfriend of hers has likely heard everything she wants in a ring, and she will be a good source of information. Here you want to be sure you choose someone you trust so that the secret will not be leaked, but you still get the perfect ring. If your girl is a Sex and the City fan, she will adore you for this move, as this was a very romantic gesture in the popular hit series.

If you need any more ideas on how to get her the ring of her dreams, visit our Facebook applications or wedding forums for more tips. If you found her the perfect ring and want to spill your secrets to other guys on a mission, drop'em in the comments, we'd love to hear from you!

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