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Picture from Bora Bora Picture from Bora Bora Picture from Bora Bora Picture from Bora Bora
  • Picture from Bora Bora
  • Picture from Bora Bora
  • Picture from Bora Bora
  • Picture from Bora Bora

A Honeymoon Oasis

If you have seen pictures or heard even a little bit about the oasis that is Bora Bora, it is not difficult to see why it is a destination of choice for today’s honeymooners. Cradled in the nook of the South Pacific lagoons, Bora Bora has been referred to as the supermodel of islands, due to all that it has to offer the vacationer that needs to get away from it all, in a high end way. Legend has it that Bora Bora was first inhabited somewhere in the ninth century. The first island is named Vavau which literally translated means “First Born”. Legend says this name was born as Vavau was the first to rise above the waters into an inhabitable island. If you are staying on “First Born” for your honeymoon, you may be able to recreate some of this legendary magic and start your new family right away!

When to Go

It’s always gorgeous in Bora Bora, but like any other location, they do have their off season. Seasons are divided in Bora Bora in the dry season and the wet season, with the wet season running from November through April which would be the off season with lower rates. Even though you will be getting better rates, you may run into some unpredictable weather as this area can see as much as 70 inches of rain during the wet months, though the weather will still run in the 80’s on the Fahrenheit scale.

When Not to Go

Bora Bora in the rain is still beautiful, and the high tourist season starts in May. So if you are looking for some peace and quiet, you won’t be as lucky in that regard during the high tourist months, or the dry season.

Where to Go

If you are looking for nightclubs, culture, and trendy tourist life, you won’t find it in Bora Bora. Here is the honeymoon location to get away and relax. Water activities are available, and many, like swimming with dolphins, are at no extra cost. Some shopping in artisan boutiques is also readily at your fingertips, with the Bora Bora specialty being Black Pearls a gem indigenous to the South Pacific. If an escape is what you seek for your honeymoon, Bora Bora is the perfect choice, and upon arrival here, you will soon be enchanted by the legends and mysteries that bring this mystical island to life.

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