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Picture from Muskoka, Ontario Picture from Muskoka, Ontario Picture from Muskoka, Ontario Picture from Muskoka, Ontario
  • Picture from Muskoka, Ontario
  • Picture from Muskoka, Ontario
  • Picture from Muskoka, Ontario
  • Picture from Muskoka, Ontario

A Friendly and Affordable Experience

Some people might not think of an area like Muskoka, Ontario, Canada as being a decent honeymoon location, but this is one destination that you donít want to judge the book by its cover. Just north of the cosmopolitan city of Toronto, Ontario sits the lovely area of Muskoka, Ontario. This area is not one to visit if you are hoping for attractions and historical landmarks, but once you get here, you will soon see why. With the breathtaking views of the Adirondacks, Muskoka offers a woodlands experience unlike any other. Thought not many people have heard about Muskoka, those who have refer to it as the ďMalibu of the NorthĒ. Why? It is the second home location of the uber elite, and every Toronto Maple Leaf player has had a home here at some point, or still does today. As well, Goldie Hawn and her husband Kurt Russell have a summer home here, and Kate Hudson has been spotted here frequently! Other celebs that have homes here include Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks. So, although this is a celebrity spot to some extent, the celebs come here to get away from it all, which is exactly why you will love it for your honeymoon as well!

When To Go

Weather is seasonal, and so whether you are looking for a winter wonderland or a quiet summer oasis, Muskoka has it to offer. Depending on the activities you are interested in, will determine when you arrive. If the view of a rolling forest in your woodlands retreat is what you are after, then the summer will be the best time to go to Muskoka. If you are looking for a quieter getaway where you wonít have to worry about the cottagers, the winter will be the perfect time to come and snuggle down in front of a roaring fireplace.

When Not to Go

The Canadian long weekend holidays in the summer months will make for the most expensive times to go, as well as the busiest time in terms of traffic and overall clogging of high traffic tourist areas. These include the Canada Day weekend which is July 1st every year just a few days before Americaís Independence Day, and Victoria Day weekend which occurs the third weekend of every May.

What to Do

There really isnít that much to do in Muskoka, but thatís exactly why people come here. Rent a cottage or a cabin and just laze your days away, either inside or outside. Farmers markets, beaches, boating, cruising, or even just long Sunday drives are the things that keep bringing the hottest celebrities back to getaway from the everyday.

What Not to Do

Canadians have a reputation for being some of the friendliest people in the world, however you wonít have that reputation enhanced while you are in Muskoka. Due to the exclusivity in this area, a lot of the areas are private property owned by residents looking for seclusion and privacy. Thus, interacting or trying to interact with the locals may not always be the most friendly experience.

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