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Picture from Beijing, China Picture from Beijing, China Picture from Beijing, China Picture from Beijing, China
  • Picture from Beijing, China
  • Picture from Beijing, China
  • Picture from Beijing, China
  • Picture from Beijing, China

Taking a Trip to the Great Wall of China

What to know

Also known as ďpekingĒ this city is a favorite among world travelers and locals alike. There is the perfect blend of historical monuments and modern buildings in Beijing. This makes it a great place to travel to because there is something for everyone. Another thing that you should know about this city is that they have some of the most sophisticated restaurants in the entire world. Serving high end sea food plates and displaying gorgeous fish tanks, these restaurants are definitely meant to impress.

What to do

The number one thing that you have to do while you are here is see the Great Wall of China. The architecture and craftsmanship of the wall itself is sure to take your breath away. The wall is even separated into different sections which allow you to easily navigate through the journey. As you go through the rural villages, you will also get a chance to see the Chinese culture and a unique perspective on how the people live their lives. Another famous monument in Beijing is called the Forbidden City. It is a collection of amazing ancient buildings that have remained intact for hundreds of years.

When to go

September and November tend to be the most popular time to visit because of the beautiful weather. The temperatures are neither too hot nor cold during this time of the year, and this isnít the high peak season for tourists.

When not to go

You might want to stay away during the warmer months because it is extremely popular among tourists and the crowds get big.

What to avoid

Avoid exchanging your money at your hotel, versus at the bank. They will often charge you a higher fee than the bank.

Culture shock

You might be surprised at how different some of the Chinese sound from one another. Although they all technically speak Chinese, the different dialects that represent separate regions of the country makes the language sound very different.

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Beijing, China

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