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Picture from Xi'an, China Picture from Xi'an, China Picture from Xi'an, China Picture from Xi'an, China
  • Picture from Xi'an, China
  • Picture from Xi'an, China
  • Picture from Xi'an, China
  • Picture from Xi'an, China

Traveling to an Amazing Ancient City

What to know

And the city has always played an important role for the country and their military efforts. The city is split up into three main natural areas, due to the mountains and plains. This city is home to the famous and important historical monument, the Terracotta Army. It consists of hundreds and hundreds of real life sized models that are made with the tiniest design details in mind. The museum is actually located pretty close to the Tomb of Qin Shihuang. The models were made in respect, and to be buried with Qin Shihuang. These life sized models are representative at how successful and powerful the first emperor was at uniting China, and how much the people loved and respected him. And the most amazing thing about the monument is how detailed the models are. From the lines on their foreheads to the perfect proportions, these models were definitely made to look real.

What to do

One of the things that you should do while you are here is visit the Ancient City Wall. It stretches and goes around the old city, and is one of the first things that you will notice when you visit Xian.

When to go

The perfect time to visit is definitely during the spring. The combination of the sun shine with the soft breeze is the ideal weather for a vacation outdoors.

When not to go

July to September because these months tend to get the most amount of rain. You might not also want to go in December or January because these months are colder.

What to avoid

If you are going to visit during the warmer months, you should definitely avoid going out in the sun without any sun block lotion on.

Culture shock

You might be surprised at how many of the locals get around the city with their bicycles. In addition to being great for the environment, riding their bicycles also saves them money. They donít have to worry about paying for public transportation or gas.

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Xi'an, China

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