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Picture from Lagos, Nigeria Picture from Lagos, Nigeria Picture from Lagos, Nigeria Picture from Lagos, Nigeria
  • Picture from Lagos, Nigeria
  • Picture from Lagos, Nigeria
  • Picture from Lagos, Nigeria
  • Picture from Lagos, Nigeria

Love is In the Air

What to know

There is the mainland, the Islands, and Greater Lagos. The Islands are made up of two major islands, Lagos Island and Victoria Island. And the main land is where you will find the majority of people and action. Luckily, there are a large amount of restaurants in Lagos that serve different cuisines. If you want some authentic Nigerian food, you should stop by the Yellow Chili. The special thing about this restaurant is that it offers a unique menu, with items such as snails for the main course. An upscale and authentic place to get Nigerian food is at the Cowrie Restaurant. This menu also offers unique items, such as goat.

What to do

One of the most beautiful beaches that you can go see is the Lagos Bar Beach. Named after the sand bars, this beach is located within the main inner city and provides the perfect opportunity to get away from the busy city. Another thing that you should do while you are here is get a delicious drink at one of the local restaurants or bars. If you are currently on Victoria Island, a great place to hang out and grab a beer is at the bar, ďMichaelísĒ. The laid back atmosphere is awesome for visitors who want to unwind.

When to go

You might want to go in February in order to catch the Eyo Festival, which is held annually at the Palace of the Oba. This is a great opportunity to get a feel of the people because there are a variety of cultural performances that go on.

When not to go

December is sometimes a bad time to go because there are a lot of tourists.

What to avoid

Avoid accepting the first offer if you are purchasing items off of the streets. Negotiation is a normal part of this society and you will not offend the seller if you try and bargain.

Culture shock

You may be shocked that there arenít any fixed prices on any goods or products that are sold on the streets.

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Lagos, Nigeria

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