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Picture from Goa, India Picture from Goa, India Picture from Goa, India Picture from Goa, India
  • Picture from Goa, India
  • Picture from Goa, India
  • Picture from Goa, India
  • Picture from Goa, India

Going to a Great Destination

What to know

Because Goaís history dates back to up to 30,000 years ago, you can see authentic rock art engravings. There are also gorgeous temples that are full of details and interior design. The architecture in the temples will definitely take your breath away.

What to do

One of the things that you should do while you are here is visit the capital, Panaji. There is a municipal garden that is located in the center of the action. If you are someone who loves nature, you can go bird watching. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary is home to some of the most rare bird species. Itís an important place in the world because some of the birds are in danger of going extinct. Lastly, you should visit one of the romantic beaches.

When to go

November through February tends to be the most popular time amount tourists to come visit. The temperatures are cooler during this time of year in India. If you want to go during a month that still has beautiful weather, but a lot less tourists- you should travel to Goa in October. The beaches tend to be almost empty, which is perfect for travelers who love their privacy. Tip * if you are going to the beaches in October, you should plan ahead of time when it comes to food because a lot of the little shops to get snacks will be shut down.

When not to go

Despite the fact that the weather is beautiful during the week of Christmas and New Years, you will probably want to stay away because there are too many tourists.

What to avoid

If you are going to go to the bird sanctuary, avoid hurting any of the birds. As previously mentioned, the sanctuary is home to birds that about to go extinct.

Culture shock

You might be surprised at some of the clothing and styles that you will see while you are in India.

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Goa, India

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