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  • Picture from Sri Lanka
  • Picture from Sri Lanka
  • Picture from Sri Lanka
  • Picture from Sri Lanka

Taking a Special Vacation to Sri Lanka

What to do

There is a high level of physical diversity when it comes to the wild life on this island. From enormous elephants to beautiful birds, there is nothing that you wonít see. There is a lot of diversity when it comes to the people too. Because of the islandís location, there are cultural influences that come from a variety of different countries. You definitely have to visit one of the beautiful and soft beaches at Sri lanka. If you are someone who enjoys seeing the scenes and views, you should consider taking a hot air balloon ride. This also makes the perfect date for you and your loved one. If you want to be a little more adventurous, you should consider taking a wild safari ride. This will give you to explore the lands and see what Sri lanka has to offer when it comes to wild life and the wilderness. There are really endless opportunities when it comes to this island.

When to go

February is definitely one of the most magical times to visit this destination, due to Nawam Maha Perahera. This event features elaborate parades and elephants decorated and dressed in a variety of different costumes. It takes place in Columbo every single year. Another special event at Sri lanka happens in March called the Jaffna Music Festival. One of the best things about this event that pays tribute to music is the fact that entrance is free of charge.

When to not go

May to July because this time of year tends to have a lot of rain.

What to avoid

You should avoid going or staying in some of the Northern provinces in Sri Lanka. This area is home to Sri Lanka's security forces and land mines are located in some of the fields.

Culture shock

Donít be surprised if you arenít going to be allowed to purchase old antiques from their country. Although you wonít be able to take any ancient artifacts home, it is an overall awesome rule. It allows the island to hold onto their heritage and keep their artifacts at home where they belong.

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Sri Lanka

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Population: 20,869,000


Sinhala and Tamil


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Around 18 hours

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