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Picture from Miami, Florida Picture from Miami, Florida Picture from Miami, Florida Picture from Miami, Florida
  • Picture from Miami, Florida
  • Picture from Miami, Florida
  • Picture from Miami, Florida
  • Picture from Miami, Florida

A sexy seashore honeymoon

If you are looking for a place that is nonstop excitement for your honeymoon, then Miami, Florida it is! The Miami Dolphins couldnít call a home base in just any town in America, they need and deserve a hot and glamorous town with a serious urban edge to set their mark in the Eastern Division of the American football team. Everything youíve heard about Miami is true, and so if you are looking for a hot place to do all of the hippest things on your honeymoon, thereís no place in America sexier than Miami. The Dolphins once had the infamous Flipper dolphin as their mascot, and in their early years between 1966 and 1968, a live dolphin would jump in the tank during their games to cheer on the field goals and touchdowns. Although he was taken out of the Orange Bowl in 1969 for budgetary reasons, he would later recoup some earnings in Ace Ventura as the live dolphin on stage during a Dolphins game. He even had a lead role! This is just one story that marks how Miami is about as all American but cosmopolitan as it gets for a sexy seashore honeymoon.

When to Go

To get an idea on Miami climate, consider the fact that it is a stones throw from another stunning honeymoon location, the Bahamas. So the equatorial nature of the climate is what you can expect pretty much year round in Miami. On the other hand, if hot to extremely hot is what you love, then spend a few sophisticated days in Miami and jaunt over to sleep it off on the shores of the Bahamas for the rest of your honeymoon. Like most tropical climates, the coolest times to go are in the winter months, and the holiday seasons are often the most expensive so the best times to avoid if possible.

What to Do

Miami is home to some of the hottest night clubs in the world, and it has become famous for that even to some people. If you want a trendy spot that offers you every contemporary advantage in, set yourself ahead of the trends back home through your experiences in Miami nightlife, shopping, and galleries. If you are looking for something a little more elegant and not so roudy, Star Island is a gorgeous place to visit and is home to celebrities such as Lenny Kravitz, Shaquille OíNeal, and Will Smith which is exactly why it is named Star Island. There are also an abundance of museums and historical attractions, and even a Monastery so you can rest assured, there is something for everybody here.

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