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Picture from The Bahamas Picture from The Bahamas Picture from The Bahamas Picture from The Bahamas
  • Picture from The Bahamas
  • Picture from The Bahamas
  • Picture from The Bahamas
  • Picture from The Bahamas

A gem of a getway

When it comes to honeymoons, one of the first areas that crops up in the mind of potential newlyweds is all that the Caribbean has to offer in The Bahamas. And why shouldn’t it? The islands are scattered like little gems across a stunning backdrop of 1,500 square miles of gorgeous sea, with the Bahamas and all of its 700 islands covering over 5,000 square miles of area. An interesting story about the Bahamas is that the name itself is derived from the Spanish word “baja mar”, a word that means shallow seas. There are few reasons NOT to consider the Bahamas for your getaway with your new love.

Best Time to Go

There are few times of the year where the Bahamas should be avoided, but you want to be careful about hurricane season which runs from April to October every year. This makes the best time to visit the Bahamas between October and May, where you will find balmy trade winds blowing stunning cross breezes that provide the islands an agreeable climate literally all year round. Between October and May you will experience balmy temperatures ranging from 70 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit, with temperatures approximately five degrees or more higher in the remaining parts of the year.

What to Do

There is an abundance of activities while you are in the Bahamas. Whether you are an adventure seeker or are simply looking for some quiet private getaway time on the beach, the Bahamas is literally your oyster to discover on your honeymoon. Escape to a private clothing optional beach with your beloved if you like, or engage in a variety of sporting adventure such as boating, fishing, golf, and more. On some islands you can even rent a private plane to sky tour the beautiful landscape. Shopping, boutiques, and dining for all budgets is also available here.

What Not to Do

The only thing you must NOT do is forget your travel vaccinations. Check in with your doctor for any island required medication or shots to ensure your honeymoon is one that is remembered in a way that does not include any unpleasant medical experiences.

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The Bahamas

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