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Picture from St. Lucia Picture from St. Lucia Picture from St. Lucia Picture from St. Lucia
  • Picture from St. Lucia
  • Picture from St. Lucia
  • Picture from St. Lucia
  • Picture from St. Lucia

Fascinating St. Lucia

St. Lucia is known for its twin peaks, the mountains that extend approximately half a mile above the floor of the ocean. Close to St. Lucia you will see drive in volcanoes that offer healing springs of sulfur that have been healing and rejuvenating bathers for almost three hundred years. Spas, sand beaches, and resorts are what will draw you to St. Lucia, and yachting is a favored activity here. Amidst the stunning beach locales, you will find rain forest and lush green valleyís to explore, or even a banana plantation if you are interested. Something that makes St. Lucia so fascinating is the fact that two people that have won the Nobel Prize have come from St. Lucia. Sir Arthur Lewis won the prize for economics in 1979, and the great poet Derek Walcott won it in 1992 for Literature.

When to Go

There is no time that is bad to go to St. Lucia, as the weather is warm and balmy all year round. The high season runs from December through April, as the climate is much more tolerable. If you are however looking for a secluded getaway and donít mind humidity, you will love St. Lucia in the off season when it is much quieter. Low season rates typically begin around mid April.

What to Do

What you decide to do on your trip will depend of course on your preferences, though you will not be short of things to do or see. The island is quite small, only 240 square miles large, so you will have plenty of time to see and do all that you like. Day excursions can be made if you donít want to spend all of your time on the beach, as well you can experience any water sport imaginable, off-roading adventures, historic sites, gardens and plantations, tennis, golf, and so many more.

What Not to Do

Even though the island is small, it is recommended that you do not take self guided tours. It is easy to get lost and this will compromise your safety, not to mention precious holiday time you could be spending enjoying the island. Like any other foreign locale, you want to be sure you do not carry large amounts of money on you during your day adventures, and never wear excess jewelry or expensive items.

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