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Breathtaking Aruba, snuggled in the heart of the Caribbean Sea, is home to white sandy beaches and crystal blue waters that stretch out across the miles. In fact, the scenery is so brilliant that royals such as Prince William, Prince Harry and the Queen Mother herself have become frequent visitors to this island paradise where hills are capped with limestone and rock formations dance from a watered reflection. When you are in Aruba, adventure rules and time-of-your-life moments are within handís reach. Dive into the islandís calm, serine waters and view the majestic coral reefs and marine life up close. Go rock climbing on the banks of beauty or stay up all night with Arubaís dazzling nightlife that will keep you up until morning. Or better yet, get back to your roots and enjoy the natural world from Arikok National Park, a little advertised gem located on the island.

Best times to visit:

In reality, anytime is a good time to visit Aruba. Its famed weather is almost always nice except in September and October when it can get rather hot. January and February are great times to visit Aruba if you like the party scene. With the Aruban Carnival in town during these months youíre sure to find lots of life in the streets and nightclubs. However, if budget is important, be advised that you will pay top dollar during these months for hotel accommodations.

Worst times to visit:

Gorgeous, sunny and comfortably warm are the normal way of life on Aruba. The most rain the island sees is between the months of October and December so it might be best to visit outside of these months if you didnít plan on bringing galoshes. However, if you do decide to visit in October, you must be sure not to miss the Jazz Festival which is inhabited by the locals, great music, amazing food and life to the fullest. Aruba may be located near the Caribbeanís hurricane belt but it is very rarely, if ever struck. If youíd rather not chance it simply avoid the island during hurricane season and instead come when the skies are calmer and bluer.

Culture shock factor:

Culture shock is minimal though the laid back lifestyle may take some getting used to.

What to do while youíre there:

While youíre here be sure to check out Baby Beach, a little known treasure on the small island of Aruba. Baby Beach is a small little bungalow on the east island thatís a bit of a loner at heart. Itís shallow, turquoise waters are perfect for snorkeling and often if you go on a weekday you might be lucky enough to have the beach all to yourself. Be sure to stop at the little shack here for snorkeling gear and get some advice from the locals on where to find the best fish on the island. Aruba is a magical place thatís large enough to get lost in but small enough to make new friends out the vibrant and friendly locals. When packing, whether you accidentally forget to pack a toothbrush, socks or comfortable shoes . . . whatever you do Ė donít forget to pack your camera. The memories you will make here will be ones you never want to forget!

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