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Picture from Cuba, Havana Picture from Cuba, Havana Picture from Cuba, Havana Picture from Cuba, Havana
  • Picture from Cuba, Havana
  • Picture from Cuba, Havana
  • Picture from Cuba, Havana
  • Picture from Cuba, Havana

Cuban Nights

Cuba, Havana . . . a land of history rich with culture and architecture that defines a nation. Home place of stars such as Gloria Estefan, Celia Cruz and the Godfatherís Andy Garcia, the common people of Cuba seem to shine just as brightly. Cuban music spilling forth from a club on the strip, the drums, the art, the culture . . . Cuba Ė an experience you donít want to miss.

When to go:

December through March is the most popular travel time for Cuba. However, if you come in the low season youíll get better prices and easier access to the sites. The low season is a bit hotter so you have to decide if youíd rather have it a bit warmer out or be trying to shove your way through the crowds.

When not to go:

June through October marks the rainy season for Cuba. While itís truly an experience anytime you travel to this glorious little getaway, itís much easier to enjoy the sites when itís not pouring cats and dogs.

Culture shock factor:

Culture shock is minimal but there is also some culture shock factor when your language is the minority. Itís a good idea to take along your iPhone to translate simple phrases; however, most people in the hotels will speak enough English to accommodate your needs.

What to do while youíre here:

A land of culture and art, Cuba is Havanaís hub for all things creative. The Great Theater and its grand staircases and majestic shows are a must and donít miss the fine art museums scattered all around. When youíve had your fill of the Cuban culture, stop into Havanaís own Chinatown for an eclectic mix of chopsticks and dragons. Cuba, Havana is a place where culture, family and romance rule. Learn to dance a Cuban Rumba, delight in the local cuisine and get lost in the artistic appeal of a little slice of Havana that is made perfect for couples in love.

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Cuba, Havana

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Cuban peso, Cuban convertible peso

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2 hours, 37 minutes

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