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Picture from Kauai, Hawaii Picture from Kauai, Hawaii Picture from Kauai, Hawaii Picture from Kauai, Hawaii
  • Picture from Kauai, Hawaii
  • Picture from Kauai, Hawaii
  • Picture from Kauai, Hawaii
  • Picture from Kauai, Hawaii

Island Paradise

Kauai is one of Hawaii’s most celebrated stretches of land. Sometimes called the “Garden Isle”, the scenery is beyond compare featuring green emerald cliffs, blue crystal waterfalls and local plants dripping with wild flowers. Because of its romantic appeal, Kauai has become one of the nation’s favorite honeymoon destinations not only for everyday couples but also for some of Hollywood’s dynamic duos.

When to go:

Hawaii is one of the most visited islands on the planet thanks to its pristine weather. No matter what time of year you visit you’ll be looking at temperatures from sixty-nine to eighty-four degrees year round. The ocean also stays a comfortable seventy-one to eighty-one degrees and no matter what season, while the trade winds provide a pleasant breeze to keep things comfy. If you want to avoid crowds early springtime is the least crowded season for the island. Winter comes in second.

When not to go:

The last week in April and early May is the worst time to arrive on the island. This has nothing to do with weather but instead the overrunning of tourists. Japan has something called “Golden Week” where most businesses close. These businessmen and women then flock in droves to the island for some R&R. With the vast crowds, this time makes it really difficult for newlyweds to get any privacy.

Culture shock factor:

Because Kauai is part of the United States, you won’t find any culture shock unless you are from another country such as China or Thailand. Some differences are nothing more than fun surprises such as the fact that you can get sushi at the Seven Eleven! People are extremely laid back here with a much slower pace than what most are used to. Other than this, culture shock is minimal.

What to do while you’re here:

The island houses plenty of variety for those who want to get out and see it all. Some of the best golfing on the planet, Kauai is often frequented by golfing celebrities such as Tiger Woods thanks to its lovely courses. If you love the outdoors you’ll want to stop by McBryde Garden. Those with the shopping bug will love the unique boutiques on the island and after you work up an appetite looking for bargains don’t forget to stop in for some local cuisine. Kauai is a great place to begin “I do.” From the sprawling green lands to the brilliant blue waters, this special little getaway will be one that you and your spouse won’t soon forget.

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