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Picture from Phuket, Thailand Picture from Phuket, Thailand Picture from Phuket, Thailand Picture from Phuket, Thailand
  • Picture from Phuket, Thailand
  • Picture from Phuket, Thailand
  • Picture from Phuket, Thailand
  • Picture from Phuket, Thailand

Far Away Lands

Phuket, Thailand may seem like a world away . . . and it is. At least it feels that way when you step on to her oriental shores and greet the trade winds fresh off the plane. When coming to this little paradise, youíll find that you get lost in the culture and romance of the beaches, the small local cafes and the majestic bays. While youíre here, be on the watch for sea turtles returning to the ocean. If you time your visit right you might just get to witness a few babies on their journey to the sea!

When to go:

November through March marks the best months to visit Phuket. The weather is most agreeable during these months and you are less likely to get caught in torrential downpours that other seasons bring.

When not to go:

September and October mark the beginning of monsoon season. While itís warm all year round and the chance of rain can really come at any time, these months are most likely to be the ones to bring vacation ruining rains . . . the kind that makes it seem like it is pouring cats and dogs.

Culture shock factor:

Some disturbing things should be noted about Phuket. Child labor isnít uncommon. You may see children selling items on the sidewalk. The best thing to do is not purchase from them as buying means they will only work longer. There are also those who take advantage of animals and use them as photo props to lure tourists. Sadly, many of these animals are drugged to be on good behavior and must work endless hours. If approached by someone with an animal (sloths, iguanas, etc.) just keep walking. Not only is it inhumane itís illegal.

What to do while youíre here:

Phuketís beaches are so lovely that most of the time visitors just want to spend their time on the shoreline. If you can pull yourself away from the beauty of the beach take a day to tour Phang Nga Bay via sea canoe. Itís truly breathtaking and an experience you wonít soon forget. Phuket Fantasea, a local show, is also something worth taking in one evening. From the sea turtles to the people, celebrating ďI doĒ in Phuket, Thailand can create memories youíll never forget. Make sure to bring your camera and donít forget your sunscreen as you wonít want to miss the chance to capture both the memories or the sun!

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