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Picture from Vienna, Austria Picture from Vienna, Austria Picture from Vienna, Austria Picture from Vienna, Austria
  • Picture from Vienna, Austria
  • Picture from Vienna, Austria
  • Picture from Vienna, Austria
  • Picture from Vienna, Austria

Culture Lovers

One of the best vacationing spots for culture lovers, Vienna is home to some of the most contemporary stage shows of our time featuring big names such as Cate Blanchett, operas, art museums and a history as rich as its present. Home to the famed composer, Mozart, this little slice of Austria draws a large crowd every year. Those who love all things culture will fall in love with Viennaís magic and come back time and time again to recapture it.

When to go:

The weather in lovely Vienna is at its very best in the springtime and fall. While it may not get as sweltering as it does in other places, it does get rather sticky and humid which can make your sightseeing adventures uncomfortable.

When not to go:

Depending on the amount of privacy you want, youíll want to note that the busy season is April through October. July and August are the busiest months. Not only is it bound to be busy during this time itís also quite costly. Itís best to go on an offseason month when visitors are minimal and prices are at their best.

Culture shock factor:

The culture shock in Vienna will depend on the length of your stay. If you stay long enough to cook instead of just hitting up the sidewalk cafes, youíll find that youíre hard pressed to find a chicken in the supermarket that doesnít have a head and feet attached. The locals are reported to be more serious than Americans as well, so if you are from the US, donít take the seriousness too personally.

What to do while youíre here:

You really canít go anywhere in Vienna without there being something to see or do. The fine, old buildings beckon to be explored. The sidewalk cafes are a must for really diving into local Vienna culture and of course, donít miss the many museums, art festivals and music that Vienna is so famous for. Vienna makes a perfect honeymoon getaway. The beautiful, vintage architecture makes for some really amazing photos as well. Come fall in love with Viennaís history . . . it might just lead you back someday.

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