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Picture from Bodrum, Turkey Picture from Bodrum, Turkey Picture from Bodrum, Turkey Picture from Bodrum, Turkey
  • Picture from Bodrum, Turkey
  • Picture from Bodrum, Turkey
  • Picture from Bodrum, Turkey
  • Picture from Bodrum, Turkey

Beautiful Turkey

Bodrum is an exotic little place nestled in beautiful Turkey. Housing the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, Bodrum has plenty of old world charm mixed with a new breed of modern mystic.

When to go:

Depending on your preference, July and August are the busy season but they are also very HOT. September and October are less crowded and the weather is much more tolerable. Youíll also have a better chance of seeing Bodrum in its natural state outside the busy months when locals arenít catering to tourists.

When not to go:

You should check with the department of homeland security before traveling anywhere in Turkey. While its not common, terrorism is alive in almost every country now. Just be sure to check before traveling.

Culture shock factor:

Bodrum is a beautiful place but it can also have an ugly side. While it doesnít have as many scary issues as other places in Turkey it is known to have a stray dog problem and some reports claim that they have charged tourists who were not provoking them. So keep this in mind and if you are traveling with small children remind them to stay away from animals.

What to do while youíre here:

The Bodrum Castle is a must see for any tourists along with the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus. Windsurfing can be fun in the offseason but can be too crowded when travel is at its peak. Hamams, or Turkish baths, are another must if you arenít shy. Diving is among the most popular pastime of tourists along with boating on the areaís majestic waters. Bodrum is a beautiful place that beckons couples to come explore. Its old world charm opens the doors to the past while helping newlyweds step into their future.

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Bodrum, Turkey

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