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Three Stone

The three stone engagement ring is one of the most popular styles and loved by many. Many love how itís just enough glam without being too overbearing, as well as the beautiful story told with this ring.

The three stones represent the past, present and the future. This is a design and special meaning held to this ring that future brides have loved forever, and is symbol of the coupleís love through the past whatever hardship they have encountered or gone through, theyíre here now in the present; enjoying one anotherís unconditional love and company. With this ring, itís a token of the future to come and all the days ahead of happiness and sharing in life together forever. This is a beautiful testament and would be worn well on any lucky bride-to-beís finger. The stone size varies so if youíre looking for a more affordable ring, it can still be found in an array of sizes and styles and stone shapes.

You can also choose if you want to have diamonds on the sides or on the inside of the ring, theyíre much smaller but are a great accent to such an elegant ring like this. You can also choose if the three diamonds representing past, present, future are all even against one another or if the middle stone, the one of ď presentĒ is raised up above it.

There are many options and styles and shapes for this fabulous ring; happy shopping!

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